‘Sabrina’s Selection’ Plant Range

By August 22, 2018Summer

Hort With Heart will be attending the Online Kalamunda Garden Festival. They’ll be selling the next release of plants in the ‘Sabrina’s Selection’ plant range, grown in coir pots by the Kalamunda Plant Company.

‘Sabrina’s Selection’ offers an ever-changing selection of classic, beautiful plant varieties, grown from seed (some sourced from parent plants in Sabrina’s own garden), that’ll help attract beneficial insects into your garden.

All the plants in the ‘Sabrina’s Selection’ range are grown in natural, biodegradable coir pots, without the use of pesticides or herbicides. No plastic pots or plastic plant tags are used (the tags are made from paper). Hort With Heart and the Kalamunda Plant Company are helping to set the standard in growing plants in a sustainable, environmentally-conscious manner with minimal waste.

The coir pots can be planted straight into the ground, minimising root disturbance. Once the pot is planted in the ground, the roots will penetrate through the coir pot and into the soil. The coir pot will break down within a couple of months. If you want to use the pot as a pot plant, the coir pot will last 12-18 months out of the ground.

The coir pots are made from a natural waste product from the coconut industry. Not only is it great that a waste product can be repurposed and made into something practical, but each coir pot is also eliminating the use of a plastic pot. 


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