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Here’s our guest speaker lineup…


Fruit Tree Man Marquee.

10:15am. Faye Arcaro. The buzz of native bees.

11:15am. Jerry Coleby-Williams. Composting with Jerry: 11 techniques Jerry uses to dispose of his plant waste.

12:15pm. Chris Ferreira. Top ten tips for designing a beautiful waterwise garden that’ll make your home more beautiful, valuable and productive.

1:15pm. Jerry Coleby-Williams. Making the most of rain water: How to maximise your rainwater collection and use it within your garden.

2:15pm. Chris Ferreira. Secrets of a beautiful waterwise garden paradise.


Green Life Soil Company Marquee.

10:15am. Digby Growns – Kings Park and Botanic Garden. Growing Australian native plants, the plant breeding program at Kings Park, plus some of their beautiful new plant releases.

11:15am. Chris Ferreira. Making your garden ‘the biggest room of your home’. Tips for slashing your bills with a magnificent garden.

12:15pm. David Parnham – Parkerville Berry Company. The dos and don’ts of growing blueberries in containers.

1:15pm. Linda and Paul Mitchener – Green Life Soil Company. Unlock your garden’s potential and empower your soil for lush growth.

2:15pm. Fiona Blackham – Gaia Permaculture. Lasagne beds and Hügelkultur.


The FunGuy WA Marquee.

10:15am. Chris Ferreira. Creating your own waterwise nature garden paradise.

11:15am. John Colwill. Australian native daisies: their importance, diversity, and how easy they are to grow in home gardens.

12:15pm. Fiona Blackham – Gaia Permaculture. Living verge gardens.

1:15pm. Chris Ferreira. Blank canvas makeover: see how to transform your tired garden into a beautiful waterwise extravaganza.

2:15pm. Diego Oliveira – The FunGuy WA. Growing gourmet mushrooms.